Whether you’re already retired or just paying attention to related news, you have probably heard that Social Security recipients didn’t receive a cost of living adjustment this year. For only the third time in history, benefit amounts were not adjusted upward for this year. Scarpe Air Jordan 4.5 Social Security almost always issues a COLA, beginning with January payments, after the Consumer Price Index reflects inflation during the previous year. But since the Index measured inflation as remaining flat in 2015, Social Security recipients aren’t receiving a raise. This can affect you and your retirement budget in four ways. Even if your own expenses have risen, your Social Security checks remain the same. Many retirees depend upon a combination of retirement plan distributions and Social Security to cover their living expenses. Since you might make a long-term plan for evenly-space distributions from your retirement fund, you might be hoping that each year’s COLA will offset any differences in your budget. Adrian Peterson Oklahoma Jersey Unfortunately, even though the Consumer Price Index says inflation remained flat last year, your own expenses might have risen due to health care or other factors. Reggie Jackson Jersey Since your Social Security benefits won’t be adjusted, you might feel a pinch in your budget. Hogan Uomo Prezzi If you receive a pension, you might not receive a raise there, either. Many pension plans also offer cost of living adjustments each year, but these are often based upon Social Security’s decision. In other words, no COLA for Social Security could also mean no increase in your pension check. NIKE ROSHE RUN You could feel tempted to change your strategy. Some retirees might make up for this shortfall by withdrawing more from their retirement fund than they had planned. Fjallraven Kanken Classic But this can cause a problem later on, particularly if you live longer than you had expected. Adidas Ultra Boost Donna

Some people will pay higher Medicare premiums this year. For Social Security recipients who pay their Medicare premiums directly from their benefits checks, a rule within the system prevents Medicare premium hikes. Todd Gurley College Jerseys But for about 30 percent of Medicare recipients, who are delaying their Social Security benefits or pay for Medicare out of pocket, premiums are increasing this year. Nike Internationalist Even if you haven’t yet claimed your Social Security benefits, the lack of a COLA in 2016 affects you. air max pas cher As always, it’s a good reminder not to depend too heavily upon Social Security to fund your retirement. Call our office to schedule an appointment, and we can discuss income oriented investment alternatives.