We have attempted to minimise such problems in a large prospective community based study of the association between H pylori infection and blood pressure.Methods and resultsThe Bristol helicobacter project is a community based study centred on the northeastern suburbs of Bristol. The primary aims of the study are to assess the effects of H pylori infection (and its eradication, on a double blind basis) on digestive symptoms and their treatment and on various other aspects of health and quality of life. We have measured blood pressure prospectively in people who were recruited into this study and whose helicobacter status and other risk factors for raised blood pressure were known.Of the 10 537 subjects enrolled in the project, 1634 (15.5%) were positive for H pylori infection on a 13C urea breath test, using 100 mg 13C urea with a standard orange juice and citric acid test meal and a cut off of 3.5 13C per ml.

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