Differed Income Annuities (DIA’s)

 This annuity isn’t designed for people who need income immediately. The purpose of a DIA is to provide income at a later date.

Some people call it the private pension because you buy an annuity with guaranteed lifetime income now to be turned on at retirement or any time you choose down the road.

If you’re someone who doesn’t need an immediate income stream, this annuity may be the missing puzzle piece in your overall retirement plan. This annuity is often referred to as a “private pension,” because it works in a very similar manner to traditional pensions. It was essentially designed to replace the extinction of traditional pensions. It does this by providing guaranteed lifetime income at the time of retirement, or at any time in the future that you choose to turn on the income stream. If you need supplemental income in 5, 10, or even 15 years, this annuity may be the perfect answer for you.

5 Big Benefits

  • Guaranteed income for life, no matter what
  • Flexibility and control– YOU choose when to turn on the income
  • 100% Security from market volatility
  • Simplicity – Very easy to understand.
  • Completely customizable and tailored for you
  • Income can be set up for you, or you and your spouse, AND you can leave the remaining value to your heirs

Examples of Differed Income Annuities