Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) with Lifetime Income.

This annuity takes the traditional index annuity and attaches a lifetime income option to it.  It allows you the opportunity for market linked growth without exposure to market downside.

The FIA is specifically designed to provide growth potential while, at the same time, protecting your assets from stock market volatility.

How does this annuity provide market upside without the downside? Well, FIA’s are essentially savings vehicles that earn interest from selected stock market indexes. The interest rate on your FIA is linked to the growth of a major index, such as the S&P 500. FIA’s are not directly tied to these indexes, though. In other words, they aren’t directly invested in the market. Market performance is used for interest rate calculations. As the selected stock market index rises, your FIA account is credited with the interest. Higher market performance means higher interest, which can equates to higher income for you. You also remain in complete control of your money.

When the stock market has a downturn, you will never lose money. Ever. Your account can only go up with market performance, never down. In the event of poor market conditions, your account value will just remain the same. Therefore, you never have to make up for past losses and your FIA may help protect you from rising inflation. You get to participate in a portion of the market gains with the guarantee that you’ll never lose your principal. The lifetime income option guarantees a paycheck coming to you for the rest of your life. Any money left in your FIA account can be passed on to your beneficiaries.

5 Benefits to Owning an FIA:

  • Guaranteed income for life that is tied to an account that has potential for growth, with NO exposure to market downside
  • 100% safety of principal
  • One of the best ways to avoid the risk of outliving your money
  • You have complete control of your money
  • Any money left in your account can be passed on to your heirs

Examples of Fixed Indexed Annuities with Lifetime Income

Based on a male and female, both 65-years-young.