Top of pageReducing the infusional side effects of cryopreserved HSC graftsMany approaches have been applied to reduce the adverse effects of cryopreserved HSCT, such as1 systematic premedication before infusion,612 hydration and allopurinol administration after infusion;613 slowing down the infusion speed and prolonging the infusion time,2, 614 dividing the infusion into multiple aliquots given several hours or days apart;10 Prada Bags Replica, 615 further concentrating HSC grafts to reduce the cryopreservation volumes and corresponding DMSO content;26 reducing DMSO concentration for cryopreservation to lower than 10 or use of an alternative CPA to mix with or replace DMSO;2, 95, 96, 97 and7 removing DMSO before infusion.2, 5, 7 Cheap Prada, 13, 55, 93, 94 As the side effects are idiosyncratic, and thus unpredictable so far to our knowledge Cheap Prada Cheap Prada, all these approaches are suggested to be combined to reduce the reaction incidence as low as possible. Several studies examining the use of DMSO with lower concentrations or alternative CPA are listed in Table 2. Simply reducing DMSO concentration may decrease the toxicity and improve the kinetics of engraftment;95, 96 however, it is also likely to reduce the recovery rate of the HSC after cryopreservation and thawing as well.

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