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canada goose clearance sale The demand is always there.become more and more relaxed (on terms), he said, but added that investors are still much more demanding than they were before the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis.Investment bankers have been talking up Indonesia as a hot spot for pre IPO activity for the last couple of years, as investors renewed their faith in the country.that gets sucked out of the system, that liquidity, Indonesia will not have a problem attracting money from investors, he said.While demand for Indonesia exposure is keen among private investors, activity has lagged expectations as bankers say it is hard to find the right candidates.It also hard to track such deals, which are by their nature private, but notable transactions include last year $279 million (139 million pound) structured financing for a buyout of No. 4 coal company PT Berau Coal, followed by a $325 million bond issue.Deals in China include a $200 million convertible bond for small property firm Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Ltd.RISKS ABOUND Arranging pre IPO deals, which can carry fees of up to 7 percent, has become increasingly attractive to banks as fees get squeezed around the region, particularly in markets like India.Bankers call these fees revenue, as they don show up in the traditional Thomson rankings of underwriting activity, and they are loathe to discuss the deals in depth as they view their unique structures as proprietary ideas.But investing in canada goose outlet niagara falls such deals is no sure thing in a developing market like Indonesia, which for some investors is synonymous with risk.the debt side, obviously there are foreign investors who don believe they been fairly treated, said James Bryson, director of fund manager PT HB Capital Indonesia and a former Merrill equities executive. canada goose outlet vip Bryson said his fund looks at some pre IPO deals, but mainly focuses on the listed market.The nation is still trying to stamp out corruption and government officials hope to clean up Indonesia image with a new set of tax and labour laws, although some executives are sceptical as to how effective those measures will be.The market legal system is also a big risk factor.Asia Pulp and Paper, which defaulted on $13.9 billion worth of debt in 2001, last year won a court ruling that it did not have to pay off a $500 million bond because its structure was illegal, sending a harsh lesson to Indonesian investors.The ruling spooked the market.were kind of shocked when the APP ruling was announced by the Supreme Court, said an investment banker canada goose clearance sale.