What do you wish there was video footage of

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Elisa Lam CCTVFor those who haven heard this one: He travelled to Bulgaria with some friends, Canada Goose Online ended up getting a ruptured ear canada goose clearance drum after getting into a fight, doctor said he could not Canada Goose online fly home, canada goose outlet uk friends flew without him. Mentioned to his Mum that there was something odd about the hotel he was staying in and he claimed 4 men were following him. Mum booked him a ticket home (Germany) for the next day. He went to the Canada Goose Outlet airport with his luggage but first visited the airport doctor to see if he would be allow to fly. Calmly walked to the doctor then 45/46 minutes canada goose outlet sale later seen on CCTV running out without his luggage. He never been seen since. No one chased me because everyone stopped with their jaws open. The teacher canada goose outlet reviews had yelled and came running because he thought I was about to be really hurt, and even Canada Goose online he stopped and just looked at me.

It was the single greatest athletic moment official canada goose outlet in my life.

I peaked early and it been downhill since.

Edit: Upon thinking about this, I lied. During the handball cheap Canada Goose lesson I was an excellent goalie because I was tall and big and had decent reaction time thanks to gaming canada goose outlet toronto canada goose store factory so I could just throw my body in the way of the shot attempts to block them. But it wasn so much shining athleticism as it was I could get in the way because I was tall and I blocked the most amount of goal because I was big canada goose uk outlet and I didn mind being pelted with rubber balls canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet new york city because I had low self esteem.