That is literally the reason I made a point out of my own ethnicity (or lack there of); in Japan, if you are not Japanese then you stick out to them regardless of however the preference is in your own country. However, if you take to embracing the rules and polite culture, they will straight give two shits less; most of their xenophobia is involved with “rude gaijin” that left a bad impression.The primary reason it sucks for a lot of other Asians or Japanese Americans is because they feel alienated despite being the same race, which of course would suck massively visiting another country; no one wants to be discriminated by their race, especially by their own and one that is a part of their ancestry as well. Despite all of that baggage, the Japanese (at least in my experience and according to those I have talked to) have made massive strides in being way more inclusive than in the past.

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