If you can’t wait to retire, you are not alone. Nike Air Odyssey Many people choose to retire at age 62, the earliest age at which you can claim your Social Security benefits. In some cases this decision is due to necessity, because of sudden disability or another unavoidable event. New Balance 996 mujer But you might also choose to retire early if you feel that your retirement account distributions will adequately support you. But before you take the leap, you should consider one important factor: What will you do about health care? You already know that taking your Social Security benefits early will result in permanently reduced checks. You might feel that your budget will be generous enough anyway, but health care expenses can be unpredictable. Since you won’t be eligible for Medicare until your 65th birthday, you should have another plan to pay for your medical needs Some lucky retirees enjoy retiree health benefits, provided by their former employers. Air Jordan 3 If you fall into this camp, you’re one of the lucky ones! Just remember to fully investigate the details of the plan before you retire. Nike Air Max 1 Donna

Sometimes retiree plans differ significantly from the health care benefits offered to full-time workers. Authentic College Jerseys Of course, some employers are phasing out retiree health benefits, so watch out for this change if you’re still several years away from retirement. If you don’t have a retiree health plan, you can purchase your own insurance through the exchange established by the Affordable Care Act. Depending upon your annual income and family size (likely just you and your spouse at this point), you could even receive a subsidy to help with the cost of your premiums. If you decide to go this route, carefully calculate your out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays and deductibles, and make sure your budget can accommodate them. Air Jordan 3 Homme

You might feel tempted to go without insurance until you’re eligible for Medicare, but this is almost always a bad idea. Air Jordan 5 Retro Just one illness or accident could trigger hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and ruin your projected retirement budget. Retirement at age 62 is a very real possibility for many people. Nike Air Yeezy Womens But before you make a final decision, call us to schedule an appointment.