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canada goose outlet paypal Beginning canada goose clearance sale No sound. canadian goose jacket Officer paces back and forth. Eventually Sterling Brown walks up toward his vehicle and the officer meets him at the door. “Good evening. Have your driver license? Back up.” He puts his hand on Sterling and Sterling buy canada goose jacket tells him not to touch canada goose uk outlet him. I told you to canada goose coats back up. Sterling Brown. Officer: These are easy questions. You acting all bad ass. You don think I see these (IDs) that are faked? (paraphrased) canada goose outlet paypal

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canada goose outlet buffalo After Sterling returns, the original officer spends the next five minutes antagonizing Canada Goose sale him, essentially saying he hasn accomplished anything and saying that video cheap canada goose uk will prove that he is in the right. The whole time that the officer is jawing with a handcuffed man who has just gotten detained, no other officer speaks up or says anything. They just let this guy talk smack to a detained man. canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet real In my opinion, this is a case of a cop instigating and elevating an unnecessary situation and completely overstepping appropriate behavior. The cop felt threatened by a Canada Goose Online taller, athletic black man and instigated contact. He uk canada goose outlet called for backup when it was a simple parking violation. Then after Sterling is tazed and cuffed, he starts to act like a tough guy. canada goose uk shop The way he repeatedly told Sterling he was a nobody leads me to believe the idea of a millionaire black athlete angers him. canada goose outlet real

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canada goose jacket outlet uk Seriously. I love Donald Glover and I love Oprah, but these people need to stay away from the Presidency, at least not until they prove themselves in another government position. I seriously want someone that knows how to legislate and run a government office, not just some likeable guy who “says it like it is” and is a “political outsider”. Every other job in the world has a specific list of qualifications and requires experience. The Presidency is starting to become just a popularity contest canada goose jacket outlet uk.