As you navigate the road to retirement, and then throughout your retirement years, you should watch for various milestones along the way. Roshe Run Nero Uomo

In most cases these deadlines will help you reap maximum financial benefits, and in some cases minding the calendar will prevent problems! December 31…Every year. In order to reap the maximum tax benefits of your retirement plan, you must make your contributions by December 31 of each calendar year. Try to reach the maximum each year, and make additional catch-up contributions after age 50. lancel pas cher April 15…Every year. April 15 is the annual deadline to file your taxes. Nike Air Max 2016 Nero Uomo

It is also the deadline to make IRA contributions for the previous tax year. new balance 1300 acquisto Age 62. This is the earliest that you can claim your Social Security benefits, but your payments will be reduced by about 25 percent if you claim them early. Waiting until your full retirement age (65 to 67) will net you your full scheduled benefits, and delaying your checks for a few more years will mean larger payments. There is no advantage to waiting beyond age 70, though. final fantasy 14 gil for sale Age 65. When you turn age 65, you reach the age of Medicare eligibility. However, you can begin the enrollment process three months prior to this birthday, and the period extends for four months after you turn 65. If you miss the window, you could be charged higher Medicare premiums for the rest of your life. Nike Air Max Pas Cher October 15 to December 7…Every year. Each year, Medicare offers an Open Enrollment period. new balance 1500 bordeaux femme This is the time to evaluate your coverage and make changes to your plan. Air Jordan 1 Retro In many cases you could see a considerable difference in your out-of-pocket expenses simply by taking the time to compare your options. hogan outlet Your first required minimum distribution. You can begin taking distributions from your retirement plan any time after age 59 ½, but you must take them once you turn 70 ½ (or risk a serious tax penalty). In whatever year you turn 70 ½, you have until April 1 to take your first required minimum distribution. But remember that you will also have to take your next distribution before December 31, which could affect your tax bracket. new balance homme u420 bleu vert Therefore, timing of your first required minimum distribution is a tricky topic to discuss with us before making a decision. For more information on retirement planning, call our office to schedule a consultation.